Why have us perform at Your school?    We are Fun and Educational! Recommended by Michigan Elementary Middle School Principle Association MEMSPA

I. Assembly


A. Music



1. Great music from the 50’s & 60’s (loved by students and staff alike).
2. Great toe-tapping songs with words you can understand and don’t have to censor.
3. Great on-stage performance and musicianship (i.e. guitar, piano, percussion and harmonica).


B. Education



1. Use of the latest advancements in musical computer technology to make two musicians sound like six.
2. A brief explanation of the technology in terms that will be interesting and understood by all ages.
3. A history of the great music called “Rock n’ Roll” with period fashions.
4. Educational instrumentation seminars.

II. Sock Hop/Themed Dance


A. Great dance music (you’ll give it a 10).


B. Audience Participation



1. Hula Hoop

2. Limbo

3. Twist (contest)

4. Period fashion & dances, ie.
Locomotion, Chicken, etc...



Student participation

Hand jive

Twist demonstration

Variety of instruments
guitar, harmonica, percussion & piano demonstrated

III. Quiz (questions you may ask)


A. (Question) Can I afford all of this education and entertainment on my budget?
(Answer) RICH EDDY’S ROCKIN’ OLDIES BAND is budget sensitive and grants are available through the Michigan Arts & Humanities Touring Directory.
B. (Question) What could be more exciting, educational and fun than having RICH EDDY’S ROCKIN’ OLDIES BAND perform at my school?
(Answer) Nothing!
C. (Question) Who do I contact for booking?
(Answer) FOR INFORMATION CONTACT JAMES DAVIS AT (248) 701-0555 (cell)